Meet Slim Life a blueberry green tea that improves stomach digestion and reduces bloating. For this project, I was given the company Twinings as the brand for my tea and could go in any direction I wanted with the style of the packaging. This packaging represents a new line of tea Twinings could potentially have. The idea for this tea was to have a simple and natural look. One of my favorite parts about this project is that it has a hand printed blueberry stamp that is unique to every box it is stamped on.
These are the dielines for the tea box packaging. After it is printed on kraft-tone paper it is stamped with a fresh blueberry dipped in royal blue paint. No two blueberry stamps are alike which makes this packaging especially unique. 
Thank you!
Designed by Quinn Noone
Project created for Graphic Design Studio I
Kansas State University 
Fall 2018 
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